Fly screen doors

Flyscreen doors

Fly screen doors for home or business

Roller Fly Screen Door

most popular door for home or business

Roller flyscreen doors are ideal for all applications. Because they retract fully within the cassette, they do no need the space a hinged door requires to be free from obstruction. When open they are barely noticeable and unobtrusive for goods entrance. When this fly screen door is closed they provide a perfect barrier to flying and crawling insects closing neatly and securely against the opposite magnetic track. The top and bottom tracks keep the fly screen mesh in line.

Available with standard insect mesh (18×16) or midge mesh (30×20) with white, brown or anthracite frames.

Mesh Strip Curtain

Best suited for residential

The mesh strip curtain is most commonly installed in residential premises but can also be used commercially. Each strip of fly screen mesh (200mm wide) is weighted at the bottom so the screen panels stay in the correct order to prevent a barrier to flying insects. The strips are made from SuntexTM mesh which provides a protection of up to 80% against UV and helps reduce heat.

Double Roller Fly Screen Door

ideal for patio or french doors

For double doors, the twin roller fly screen door operates with the same principal as the single, although the 2 screens close securely, magnetically together, rather than against a track. The option is available so you can use one flyscreen door or 2 at a time for most double door types.

Available with standard insect mesh (18×16) or midge mesh (30×20) with white, brown or anthracite frames.

PVC Strip Curtain

best suited for commerical with goods traffic

PVC strip curtains are common in industry to prevent air flow while allowing easy access for foot and goods traffic. Perforated PVC strip strips are used to allow air flow while preventing flying insects and still being functional for traffic. Available in any width and up to 6m high.

Hinged Fly Screen Door

best suited for commercial premises

The hinged flyscreen door is tried and tested. hinged at one side and closing using magnetic catches or with the option of a self-closing mechanism. Includes a brush strip at the bottom to prevent crawling insects.

Available with standard insect mesh (18×16), stainless steel (18×14) or midge mesh (30×20) with white, brown or anthracite frames.

Aluminium Chain Screen

best suited for doors without goods traffic

Aluminium chain screens have been around for a long time and where commonly seen covering the entrances to butchers’ shops. These practical screens provide a low cost barrier to flying insects although can be easily damaged by trollies and goods traffic.